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Paintball ( Pack children)

Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Hour: 09h30, 14h00

Duration: Half day

Paintball is an activity that consists of a game between 2 teams. Each team is properly equipped and aims to eliminate opponents by doing as the balls of paint bursting when the reach. There are various games: Total Elimination (eliminate the greater number of opponents)or the Capture the Flag capture the flag located in the middle of the field and take it to the basis of the opponent. How many more opponents are eliminated, more easy to achieve the objective.

Place: Camacha

Municipality: Santa Cruz

Meeting point: Paintball Field (Camacha) - near Café Relógio

Each player has the following material: marker, mask, protection gear, insurance and 200 balls.

-Children from 8 to 16 years; - We use balls suitable for these ages, the capsule of the balls is more fragile. - We advise you to use type shoes boot for protection of the ankle.

Price (Adult)

17 €/pax

Price (Child)

17 €/pax

Booking data

Adults: x 17 €

Childs: x 17 €

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