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Diving in Madeira Aquarium

Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Hour: 10h00

Duration: 3h00 Hour(s)

Diving experience for people with or without experience, where we want to put the participants in contact with the species existing in the Madeira Aquarium, which include sharks, rays, morays and many more. With this experience, participants can contact species that may be difficult to spot at sea, in a controlled environment, and still have the chance to be observed by family / friends as they perform the activity.

Place: Porto Moniz

Municipality: Porto Moniz

Meeting point: Reception Madeira Aquarium

1-Welcome to divers/ briefing about the experience 2-Guided tour to the aquarium 3-Explanation/ preparation for the dive 4-Diving initiation in natural swiming pool (cachalote) 5-Tour and briefing of the aquarium’s technical zone 6-Dive in the aquarium 7-Recognition of species in book

-For people with or without diving experience. -Accompaniment of all the activity of one person per diver (entry to the Madeira Aquarium included). The unit value for person is €80.00. Maximum person for one diving - 4 X €80.00. Child: 10 years (Minimum) Adult: 18 to 70 years

Price (Adult)

80 €/pax

Price (Child)

80 €/pax

Booking data

Adults: x 80 €

Childs: x 80 €

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