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Try Scuba Dive

Day: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Hour: 13h30, 18h00

Duration: 4h00 Hour(s)

Try Scuba program is your opportunity to go into the water and experience what is diving. Sign up for a Try Scuba Course is the best way to decide whether want to get a diving certification. We know that once experience, will love! It is a unique experience!

Latitude: 32.714882 - Longitude: -16.765406

Place: Machico

Municipality: Machico

Meeting point: Hotel Dom Pedro (Machico)

SSI Try Scuba: experience in the pool. Spend one to two hours in the pool to test the experience dive into the security of a familiar environment. SSI Try Scuba Diving: experience at sea. Spend two to three hours in a body of water with good visibility and conditions and experience the thrill of diving. There will be an SSI Instructor can before immersion and give an overview of techniques and appropriate knowledge to take your first look at the underwater world.

We offer pickup between Machico and Funchal. Child: 10 years (Minimum) at 18 years Adult: 18 to 70 years Duration: 4 hours

Price (Adult)

100 €/pax

Price (Child)

100 €/pax

Booking data

Adults: x 100 €

Childs: x 100 €

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